Official OSLP Arts & Culture Program website: www.artsandcultureeugene.org

OSLP Arts and Culture is a person-centered arts program where individuals of all abilities can explore and share their skills and pursue their personal artistic goals.

Our Mission

OSLP Arts & Culture breaks down barriers to participation in the arts for people of all abilities and builds bridges to a more diverse and inclusive community.

What We Do

We nurture authentic expression and improving physical, mental and spiritual well-being through the universal language of art in a safe and accessible environment. All projects in our program are designed to be accessible to people with or without disabilities so everyone can participate equally and learn from each other’s unique perspectives. We offer workshops with professional instructors in a wide variety of arts and cultural activities like visual art, music, dance, cooking, gardening and more.
We also produce public exhibits and performances to share the work of the artists with the community. Art is available for sale at our quarterly open house exhibits and galleries and businesses throughout the community.


The OSLP Arts & Culture Program is located at

309 W. 4th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401

Contact: 541-636-3119 or artsandculture@oslp.org